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Tiffany has something she wants to get off her chest!
June 10th, 2020 under Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany. [ Comments: none ]


Tiffany has such a devoted fan base that there was a 2008 documentary about it called I Think We’re Alone Now. And now the singer is doing something for her fans. She signed up for Cameo and will record a personal greeting just for you alone now.

You don’t have to wonder what could’ve been because now it can be! What are you waiting for, go get your radio romance.


Debbie Gibson takes out the trash like this…
May 5th, 2020 under Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany. [ Comments: none ]

I don’t know about you, but when I take out the trash, I am wearing a robe with maybe something under it. However, Debbie Gibson is not us. She thinks she still has that Electric Youth, so she did it in a low-cut shirt, Daisy Dukes, and Christian Louboutin heels.

Good thing she lives in Vegas. This way, if her neighbors don’t know who she is, they will just assume that she is someone who works on the Strip. You know one of the people who knows how to Shake Your Love.

BTW Can you believe she is going to turn 50 in a few months? She looks fabulous for her age.


Debbie Gibson wants you to wash your hands instead of Shake Your Love
April 10th, 2020 under Coronavirus, Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany. [ Comments: none ]


Just wanted to share my new ##morningroutine##washyourhands .

♬ original sound – debbiegibsonofficial

Debbie Gibson joins Rick Springfield and Gloria Estefan as the latest star to rework one of their songs in honor of Coronavirus. She changed up the chorus of Shake Your Love to Wash Your Hands.

If she wanted me to wash my hands again, it worked. Because I cannot get the song out of my head no matter how times I wash my hands.


Tiffany updates I Think We’re Alone Now!
April 16th, 2019 under Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany. [ Comments: none ]

Back in 1987, 16-year-old Tiffany was touring the malls singing her #1 hit I Think We’re Alone Now. Now 31 years later, she gave that tune a more grown up, rocking sound. One that is so totally awesome, you will have it on repeat all day long. Then when your lover comes home, you will change their heartbeat! If you catch my drift because you won’t be alone anymore. You will put your arms around them and tumble to the ground.

Someone call the malls because she needs to tour them again. Would you go see her?


New Kids on the Block give us a history lesson of Boy Bands!
March 1st, 2019 under Debbie Gibson/ Tiffany, NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the late ’80s, New Kids on the Block was the biggest Boy Band of the time. They were not the first one and they are certainly not the last. NKOTB are very aware of that fact, so their latest single is a history of the genre.

In the music video, the Boys in the Band show us how the dances and the styles change throughout the decades. Some were better than others, but there was one thing they all have in common. Unconditional fans.

Who will always be your favorite boy band? While you are thinking of an answer to that question, can you tell me what is up with Debbie Gibson’s voice?


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