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Um, Chynna Phillips, I don’t think that is the holy spirit activating
November 11th, 2021 under Chynna Phillips. [ Comments: none ]

Chynna Phillips, aka the Holy Spirit Activate girl, posted a video of herself slapping her face several times. That is a spirit activating, but not a holy one. It is more like a demonic one.

Granted, the audio is prerecorded, but still, it’s an interesting way to use it.


Did you know that Chynna Phillips is the Holy Spirit, Activate girl?
November 5th, 2021 under 90s, Chynna Phillips. [ Comments: none ]

If you live on TikTok as I do, then you have seen people use the audio that says, “Holy Spirit, Activate.” If you are like me, then you never wondered who said it.

However, now we know. Chynna Phillips outed herself as that woman. Wait, the blonde from Wilson Phillips? Yes, she is one the same. I know, right?

You are as blown away as I am that one of Alec Baldwin’s sisters-in-law would do something like that. But she did it on an episode of Celebrity Family Feud in September. Even, Steve Harvey was left speechless, and that rarely happens.

Back to Mrs. Billy Baldwin. If you like her preaching style, then you can check out her site California Preaching. I think I will activate my faith in a different way.

If you missed her appearance on Family Feud, then click here!


Spend the night with Hollywood Moms and Wilson Phillips
November 27th, 2011 under Chynna Phillips, Primetime TV. [ Comments: none ]


Tonight at 8p on the TV Guide Channel, you get to know what celebrity moms like Ali Landry and Alison Sweeney talk about on Hollywood Moms Night, and it is more exciting than you think.
Then at 9p, Wilson Phillips are Still Holding On and we get an inside look at their comeback!
Here’s a little secret if both of these shows sound really good to you, watch them tonight and they will be back with a lot more!



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