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BTWF: Burt Reynolds on Perry Mason
July 18th, 2023 under Before They Were Famous, Burt Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]

via FETV

Before Burt Reynolds didn’t need any help in his movies, he needed help from Perry Mason. How did you like seeing the 26-year-old without his iconic mustache in that 1962 episode.


Sally Field would like you, really, really, like you to stop asking about Burt Reynolds
December 8th, 2022 under Burt Reynolds, Sally Field. [ Comments: none ]

Sally Field starred in two of the biggest sitcoms in the ’60s, went on to win two Oscars, hasn’t stopped acting in memorable projects, and always has our hearts because she is so gosh darn lovable.

However, reporters are still obsessed with the love affair she had with Burt Reynolds over 40 years ago, and she wishes it would stop.

Case in point. Yahoo Entertainment was doing a career retrospective on her, and the reporter asked her what it was like to meet the man she declared her worst on-screen kiss when they did Smokey and the Bandit together. She sighed and said, “Let’s see what I can say about that. Yes, of course, it was. Everybody knows that. You know that. Everybody has had me talking about it ad nauseam. Yes. Yes. It was. It absolutely was. It’s there on the screen.”

So, now can we stop asking the actress about the late actor and focus on her and her incredible career? Unless she wants to tell us, Reynolds had a small dick and was awful in bed. Then, I am down for that question. But after that, we can move on.


Sally Field reveals who was her worst on-screen kiss
December 2nd, 2022 under Andy Cohen, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field. [ Comments: none ]

Sally Field has been acting for 60 years, so she has kissed a lot of men on the screen.

The Oscar winner has previously revealed on Watch What Happens Live that James Garner was the best man she locked lips with for a role. So yesterday, when she was on the Bravo show, a caller wanted to know who was the worst man she swapped spit with on camera.

“This is going to be a shocker. Hold on, folks. Burt Reynolds,” Gidget said. “It was just not something he did very well.”

Then Andy Cohen wanted to know how her ex-boyfriend (that’s right, they were dating off-camera) was so bad at it. Field told him that the sex symbol was a drooler.

Knowing that you can’t blame her for cannonball running away from their relationship. A bad kisser is the worst.

This is why we like her. Why we really, really like her. She looks all cute and innocent, like a Flying Nun, but she is far from it.


Kathleen Turner says that Burt Reynolds was her worst on-screen kiss
November 13th, 2019 under Andy Cohen, Burt Reynolds. [ Comments: 2 ]

Throughout her career, Kathleen Turner has kissed a lot of men in front of the camera. She once told Andy Cohen that William Hurt was her best on-screen kiss. Yesterday, when she was on Watch What Happens Live, he wanted to know who was her worst?

Without hesitation, she told him that that title goes to the late Burt Reynolds. She explained that she rehearsed the scenes with Michael Caine, but he was to busy swimming with the sharks in Jaws 4. Eventually, they replaced him with “Burt what’s-his-face” and he could not kiss.

I wish she explained why he was such a bad kisser as in tongue all over the place or bad breath, but I think by her calling him “Burt what’s-his-face” we have our answer. His attitude made her want to give him the kiss off and not to get their kissing on.


BTWF: Burt Reynolds in Johnny Ringo
September 6th, 2018 under Before They Were Famous, Burt Reynolds. [ Comments: none ]
Before Burt Reynolds was the sheriff in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, the sheriff wanted him out of his town in Johnny Ringo. How sexy was the 24-year-old in that 1960 episode?


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