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Bret Michaels says he Poisoned Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood!
March 21st, 2011 under Bret Michaels, Charlie Sheen. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

Every Rose has a Thorn, and according to what Bret Michaels told E! he is Charlie Sheen’s. Here is what he is said, “I can say this about Charlie right now. Charlie has been nothing but a great friend to me, nothing but a great friend. I showed him how to destroy a hotel room, and he showed me how to edit and work on film. It was great.” He then added, “I showed him how to lose a lot of money, and he showed me how to make a lot of money. It was fantastic.” From his description it sounds he is the one “Winning” in their relationship?
BTW I am surprised he didn’t add that he taught him how to live with a bunch of porn stars too? You know since he learned how to do that for before the Two and Half Men star for three seasons on VH1!


Bret Michaels is engaged!!!
December 21st, 2010 under Bret Michaels. [ Comments: none ]

What a year it has been for Bret Michaels, he has almost died three times, won Celebrity Apprentice and had a comeback he never expected. So how is he ending it? He ended 2010 by proposing to his girlfriend of 16 years and the mother of his two children, Kristi Gibson, on the season finale of his VH1 show Life as I Know it! He said to her, “Just say yes, because rejection will kill me right now.” With the year he had if that is what could kill him, good thing she said yes!
Hopefully for season two of the show they will get married and their two daughters, Raine Elizabeth, 10, and Jorja Bleu, 5, will be a big part of the wedding!!!


Could Miley Cyrus be calling Bret Michaels daddy?
November 2nd, 2010 under Bret Michaels, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: 1 ]

(photo from WireImage)

Us Weekly is reporting that a source told them that Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus’ mom Tish had an affair. Miley and the Poison singer worked together on his single Nothing to Lose, and when she was talking about the duet she admitted her mom had a crush on him. The magazine added that they all remained close after the song was done and their source told them, “It was a professional relationship that turned into something more.” Both of their people denied the affair, which I tend to believe because with all of his health issues this year I don’t think his body could handle the affair. But for a second it would be fun to imagine Miley calling the Rock of Love dude daddy?
BTW who else thinks he needs a new way to pose his hand because in that picture with this story, it almost looks more like what he has done with that hand than look I am rocker with you!


Bret Michaels better before or after photoshopping?
October 7th, 2010 under Bret Michaels. [ Comments: none ]

Billboard Magazine made a nude Bret Michaels their cover boy and people said that his sculpted body was a fake. Well Billboard has responded with pictures of the Rock of Lover’s abs before and after photoshopping to prove that Situation is real. Billboard photo editor Amelia Halverson admitted that there was retouching, “In addition to making his abs appear symmetrical, Bunting bronzed Michaels’ color and smoothed out his skin to eliminate a few of the singer’s wrinkles.” Personally I think he looks better before they did their computer magic too him. The 47 year old does have an amazing body considering not only his, but also everything he went through this year.


Bret Michaels: Rock of Love for the Aged
July 19th, 2010 under Bret Michaels. [ Comments: none ]

As if the 3 near death scares weren’t enough to prove it, Bret Michaels is getting older so VH1 is changing Rock of Love so that he will have more age appropriate groupies available to him. I bet he can’t wait to go on a date with the toothless groupie if you know what I mean…
I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see who gets backstage passes to his room…in the nursing home!
BTW sadly that is not a real show, he was just something he taped for the VH1 Do Something Awards.


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