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Billy Ray Cyrus’ achy breaky heart
October 27th, 2010 under Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus. [ Comments: none ]

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Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish of 17 year have filed for divorce in Tennessee according to People. No reason was given for their split, but I wonder who gets custody if Miley’s money, I mean Miley?
Actually I feel bad for their five kids including Miley because they seemed like a really close family.


Billy Ray Cyrus talks about Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in Canaan
December 12th, 2009 under Billy Ray Cyrus, Hallmark. [ Comments: 2 ]

Get your kleenex ready for the amazing feel good movie Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in Canaan that will leave you crying in an inspirational way tonight at 8p. Christmas in Canaan is the story of two boys in the pre-civil right days in South, one white and one African American. When the two of them get into a fight, the father of the white one and the grandmother of the African-American one force them to spend a week together. When the white boy’s racist neighbor shoots a dog the two boys who refuse to get along find a reason to bond and form a life long friendship. A friendship that becomes like family when the African-American boy’s grandmother dies when he is a teen and he moves with the white family that includes his friend’s father, grandfather, his friend and a younger brother and sister. They are barely making ends meat and when it comes time for Christmas there is barely any money for presents so Billy Ray Cyrus comes up with Some Christmas that will have you balling your eyes out and want you to have a Some Christmas over a regular one. So much more goes on, but I seriously suggest watching to movie to see it all play out. This movie touched me so much I am crying thinking about so many well acted scenes in the movie. This is a must watch movie because in a time when people hated each other because of the color of their skin, there were people that were color blind and we should be more like them and not forget how far we have come in just 40 years.
Billy Ray Cyrus told us his manager turned down the role because he was busy with other projects, but he asked to read the script and once he did he knew he had to do the movie and I am so glad that he did. Billy Ray plays such a good guy in the movie with an an amazing heart that it almost feels as though he is not acting and he is playing himself. The good guy that Billy Ray Cyrus is really translates into this role and I really hope he gets an Emmy nom because he is so freaking amazing in this role in this excellent movie. So who was Billy Ray’s inspiration for the movie? It was his father in the ’60s and he told us that he put pictures of his father on his script so he could really capture his essence. If that is what his father was like, he is the type of guy you really wish you had in your life. And Christmas in Canaan is the type of movie you will be glad that you made part of your life when you watch it tonight on the Hallmark Channel at 8p!


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