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Royal Crackers is royally funny and will crack you up
April 2nd, 2023 under Adult Swim. [ Comments: none ]

It is the day after April Fool’s Day, and the laughing doesn’t have to stop. That is because we are going to meet the family behind Royal Crackers tonight at 11p on Adult Swim.

Theodore Hornsby Sr. created a cracker dynasty for his kids, and they are messing it up. But not for lack of trying.

Age has taken over the patriarch’s body, so his two sons are left to take over the business.

There is Theo (Andrew Santino), who was the lead singer of the band Taint, which was kind of famous 20 years ago. Now, they are nothing. All he wants to do is to recapture the glory he once had. Since he has a Rock star mentality, he tries to run the business the same way.

Meanwhile, his brother, Stebie (Jason Ruiz), is the responsible one. He takes running the business seriously, and he has his wife, Deb (Jessica St. Clair), and their lazy son, Matt (Maile Flanagan), to back him up.

As hard as they try to do the right thing, they keep messing things up. Thankfully, they have Darby (David Gborie) to clean up their messes.

And there will be a lot of messes. If there weren’t any, why would we watch? We love the see the successful royally fail. And there are some epic failures in the first three episodes alone.

Royal Crackers is so high-larious, like when they all get on high CBD gummies, that you will be eating up like a box of crackers.

If you miss it on Adult Swim on Sundays, then you can catch it on HBO Max the day after. And you don’t have to worry about it getting cancelled because it was already picked up for a second season.


Steven Tyler can play any instrument!
May 27th, 2015 under Adult Swim. [ Comments: none ]

A video posted by Liv Tyler (@misslivalittle) on

We know that Steven Tyler can sing like nobody’s business, but that is not the only thing he can do musically. His daughter, Liv Tyler, showed him an App where he can make music with his mouth and he did just that. I don’t know how he did it, but maybe he was confusing the phone for another instrument. You know, like the one that is between a woman’s legs. I can totally see him making women’s privates start humming Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You with his mouth just by the way he is working the iPhone. Can’t you?


Mark McGrath unknowingly involved in the worst PR campaign ever
February 26th, 2015 under Adult Swim, Not Dead. [ Comments: none ]

The world was rocked this morning when an emailed press release went out saying that Mark McGrath was shot and killed.
The press release read:

Musician Mark McGrath has died at the age of 46. McGrath was on set filming the second season of entertainment show Hot Package, when he was confronted by a masked gunman and shot several times. The former Sugar Ray frontman died in the arms of his co-host Derrick Beckles on the Hollywood set of the show.
In honor of Mr. McGrath’s legacy, his team is asking in liu of flowers, fans post a Sugar Ray Selfie, holding a packet of sugar over their heart. #RIPMARKMCGRATH

Then a few hours later, after his people confirmed he was alive, the PR company said he alive.
The release said:

Please be advised that Mark McGrath and his team have had no involvement in or knowledge of the media alerts sent earlier this morning.
Mr. McGrath is a guest on the show, and his death is merely a plot line in the premiere episode. PRISMATICS take full responsibility for any confusion.

In honor of their stupid campaign, I say let’s boycott the show. I feel for the people who work on the show, but how can anyone think that was even remotely funny?
So how did Mark McGrath feel about it? Here’s what he Tweeted, “To be clear, I’m only apologizing to anyone affected by this death hoax, as I am in no way involved with this really lame press release. I can only hope the people responsible will clear my name, but I won’t hold my breath…what was a fun cameo on a show, has become a bummer.”


Too Many Cooks is heating up the air waves!
November 7th, 2014 under Adult Swim. [ Comments: none ]

Adult Swim debuted Too Many Cooks yesterday and people can’t talking about this most excellent show. I am not going to tell you anything about it, but once you watch it you will understand why everybody singing the praises and the theme song of this new show!


Mike Tyson Mysteries is a knock out!!!
October 27th, 2014 under Adult Swim, Mike Tyson. [ Comments: none ]

Back when Mike Tyson was knocking people out in seconds, who would’ve thought he would have had an animated show solving mysteries on Adult Swim. No one, but that is exactly what is happening tonight at 10:30p in Mike Tyson’s Mysteries. It’s like Scooby Doo for adults, but even better than you could wish for.
Mike Tyson has gone from boxing extraordinaire to the best crime solver in the world. He can’t do it all by himself, so he has a team of people helping him out. He has been raising Yung Hee (Rachel Ramras) since she was left at his doorstep as a baby and now she is getting ready to go to college. John Chambers the 9th Marquess of Queensberry (Jim Rash), a know-it-all ghost who got Tyson to turn his life around. Finally, there is Pigeon (Norm MacDonald), who used to be human and now he is a wisecracking drunk pigeon who lives with them all. You see, they get their cases from carrier pigeons, so it makes sense that he would have a talking pigeon. Right?
Tonight, they get a carrier pigeon from Carmac McCarthy, who needs their help to finish his book. So it is off in the Mystery Van they go. When they get there, the find out they are there to get rid of a Chupacabra. The best part of the series premiere is watching Mike Tyson trying to pronounce the urban legend. A name he still can’t even say as of a few weeks ago. Something he demonstrated at a press event that had everyone in the room laughing. I knew Iron Mike was funny from watching him on talk shows, but to witness it in person is a completely different thing.
Now you might not believe he is naturally funny as all hell, but we were told that a lot of executives didn’t think he was voicing his own character on the show. He thinks, “It’s because they can’t understand it or else it sounds very distinguished?” I am thinking the latter.
So what can you expect from the animated crime solving show? In the upcoming weeks, Mike Tyson Mysteries goes to IBM and the episode is built on a joke. He will also travel to the Moon because of something his wife told the producers about his bad driving. He’s also heading to Nicaragua to stop the building of canal that is really happening. On another show, Tyson has a rash and he blames Pigeon so he kicks him out. Be prepared to hear McDonald let loose. And in one episode, he will help a couple buy a house. The last one is something the Hangover star is not good at because he told us if someone is selling a house for $5 million, he offers them $7.5 million.
If that is not enough to get you to watch, there will be singing, lots and lots of singing. Tonight, you will hear him sing about bird sex. In a future episode he belts out, a song about converting to Christianity.
Mike Tyson Mysteries is a great way to end your Tuesdays because it is so out there, and yet so much fun. Plus, who doesn’t want to see one of the greatest boxers of all time be an animated crime solving version of himself. It’s a cartoon for you and me to enjoy and when the kids are finally asleep. We all loved watching cartoons as kids and now we have one to enjoy as adults. But don’t tell the little ones because than they will want to stay up and watch it, and this is only for us!


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