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Will COVID-19 turn Adam Ant into a Cool Zombie?
June 21st, 2022 under Adam Ant, Coronavirus. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Ant has taken his Goody Two Shoes on the road. And like many touring musicians, he caught COVID-19. Therefore, the singer has to postpone his next four dates.

His people wrote, “Please be assured that Adam is fine and looking forward so much to rescheduling these dates and continuing on with his Antics Tour.”

As of now, he is planning on resuming the tour on Monday. Hopefully, he will be able to Stand and Deliver his best show by then! Vive le Rock!


Adam Ant postpones his tour for a non COVID-19 related illness
February 21st, 2022 under Adam Ant. [ Comments: none ]

Adam Ant was supposed to start his tour tomorrow in Newcastle. However, he announced today he is going to have to postpone those dates.

“It is with regret we have to inform you that the ‘Antics Tour’ is now postponed and will be rescheduled to later in the year,” a statement reads on the singer’s social media. “Unfortunately Adam has taken ill, suffering with fatigue and is physically unable to perform; on medical advice given he needs complete rest for the immediate future.”

Hopefully, the 67-year-old will be better by his summer dates. Because it is all about me, and I want to hear him sing Strip live once.


Who should play Adam Ant?
January 6th, 2013 under Adam Ant. [ Comments: none ]

(photo from WireImage)

Adam Ant is working on a bio pic of his early days, but he tells Daily Star he is having a problem casting his Prince Charming to play him. The Goody Two Shoes said, “Getting someone who can portray how physical I was during the punk days is tough.” Then he added, “James Franco and Jude Law were mentioned but I won’t let anyone play me unless they can handle the danger and sexuality of those early days.”
Jude Law is way too old for the role and Franco just isn’t right for it. If I were casting the part, I think Henry Cavill could Stand and Deliver in the role. Too bad he was already cast as Superman and wouldn’t take on a little role like this now. Other than him, I am struggling to think who else there is Room at the Top for as legendary Punker Rocker. Who do you think could Strip like him?

UPDATE: I think Eddie Redmayne might be a good choice to go to Apollo 9!


Dear Adam Ant, it’s ancient history that you were able to Strip for me!
December 22nd, 2010 under Adam Ant. [ Comments: 10 ]

Adam Ant was performing at Relentless Garage in London when he decided to lift his (literally his) shirt and show his situation. I am sorry, but it not 1984 and the 56 year old singer is too old to Strip like he used to. Memo to Prince Charming keep your shirt down and please don’t wear one that has your face on it. I am not sure what is sadder, the shirt or the flabby white stomach!!


Adam Ant will Stand and Deliver again!!!
June 9th, 2009 under Adam Ant. [ Comments: 2 ]

Adam Ant is back to Stand and Deliver!!! The Goody Two Shoes singer who had several years (including a 6 month stay at a psychiatric ward) that were not good to him is ready for his comeback according to the Daily Mail. His girlfriend has helped him Strip away the pounds and the past and now he is ready to hit the road once again! Seriously I can’t wait to see him live because it will be interesting to hear how he will do his amazing songs now, you know he will change them up a bit from their original sound.


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