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July 3rd, 2023 under Cards Against Humanity

We have all played Cards of Humanity. And now they want something from you. They want your quirky short films (that are between 4-40 minutes long), that make you declare, “Oh, the humanity,” like Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati, for their Cards Against Humanity Short Film Festival.

How can you enter? You need to pay $40 to enter at Then you send them your short via YouTube or Vimeo by July 25th. Then they will select the finalists by September 12th.

How will you see who made the finals? In October, they are releasing the Movie Night Box with 30 new cards. Along with the cards, you will get the key to watch the festival and pick a winner.

What does the winner get? They will get $100,000! The second-place winner gets a tenth of that. And all the other finalists get a tenth of that.

While the money is nice, there is something even better for the finalists. Thousands of people will see their works of art! And people who will get it, unlike your Aunt Mary Alice, who is still only watching black and white wholesome movies.


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