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[ # ] Buy this woman a beer for the best home run catch ever!
July 31st, 2014 under Sports figures

We have seen people nearly kill themselves trying to catch a home run or a foul ball at a baseball game, but this woman’s catch takes the cake…or should I say beer. She was sitting at the San Francisco Giants/Pittsburgh Pirates game yesterday, minding her own business, when a home run ball was coming right at her. What did she do? Nothing. But that didn’t stop the ball from making a mad dash towards her cup. So mad, not only did it land in the beer, it went right through it. Leaving the poor fan, drenched in beer. Not only was she out the drink, but according to Newsday she didn’t even get the ball. So I guess you can say she didn’t have a ball at the game. OK, I struck out with the one and it was a foul joke. But they all can’t be home runs. I’ll take the 7th inning stretch now!


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