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[ # ] Butter is like butter!
October 6th, 2012 under Alicia Silverstone, Ben Affleck, Modern Family

Butter is out now in theaters and on Video On Demand and just like melted butter on warm bagel, nothing is better to put a smile on your face!
Bob Pickler (Ty Burrell) has been the Butter Sculpting Champ for the last 15 years, but he has been asked to step down and let someone else have a chance at the title. His perfect uptight wife Laura (Jennifer Garner) is not willing to give up that title and will do anything to keep the honor in the family. So she decides that she will take up butter sculpting and keep the title in the family.
Bob meanwhile has found other interests to keep him busy now that his hobby is no longer slicing it for him. He has been going to the local strip club and he hooks up Brooke (Olivia Wilde) for a price. She wants $600 for their love, but Laura crashes in their rendezvous and she doesn’t get paid. Brooke wants her money and will do anything to get it. Like get back at Laura and enter the Mastery of Butter contest.
But she isn’t Laura’s only competition. Young orphan Destiny (Yara Shahidi) has recently been taken in by The Emmets (Alicia Silverstone and Rod Corddry) and she has decided to take up Butter Sculpting. The little girl is quite amazing and she will give Laura a run for her money.
Laura won’t have that, and she gets her ex-boyfriend, who owns the small town’s car dealership, to help her out. Boyd Bolton (Hugh Jackman) is more than willing to help because Laura lets him ride her like one of his cars.
Now it is B-Day for Laura and Destiny and only one of them can be the winner. Who will it be? You will have to see this movie that is as smooth as butter to find out.
If you enjoyed Drop Dead Gorgeous, then you are going to adore this film. It is a fun look at the big going ons in a small town. It doesn’t get much bigger butter in Iowa and Butter is larger than life.
So make a like butter on a hot pancake and run to see this movie in the theater or on On-Demand today. Seeing it is the syrup on top of your day!
Oh and men who are hesitant to see this movie, did I mention Olivia Wilde has a stripping scene in this movie and she makes out with Twilight’s Ashley Green in a steamy sexy kissing scene? Yeah I think there will be a line as long as the one for the women’s bathroom of men waiting to see this film now!


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