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[ # ] But will they name it the Justin Timberlake Law?
April 19th, 2017 under Justin Timberlake

Remember on Election Day, when good boy Justin Timberlake got in trouble with the law for taking a Selfie in a Tennessean voting booth, something that is illegal in the state. The singer could have been fined $50 and spend 30 days in jail for breaking the law had he been convicted.

Well, lawmakers in the state decided to change the law. According to Knoxville Sun Sentinel, the State Senate voted 30-0 in favor of a bill that would allow voters to take photos at polling stations and voting booths. There are some limits though, no pictures of your ballots, use a flash or noise on their phones or take photos of others.

The power of Justin Timberlake. Rather than sending him to the slammer, they create laws that make him innocent. What other crimes should we have him commit so that we can get away with murder. Well, that law can stay!


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