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[ # ] Bryan Cranston reveals he had COVID-19
July 30th, 2020 under Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston revealed today that he had coronavirus early on. Luckily, for him, it was not that bad. He says that he had a headache, tightness in his chest, and he lost his sense of taste and smell for a while.

Why did he come out today? He wants people who had COVID-19 to be convalescent plasma donors like him and Tom Hanks. Their plasma can help save someone’s life who has the virus.

I am a platelet donor and give every two weeks. Every time I have gone in, someone else has donated convalescent plasma. It takes more time than giving blood, but less time than giving platelets. An hour a month gives someone decades of life. Please, consider doing it if you have had it.

If you have not had it, please give blood, platelets, and plasma. The Red Cross always needs it. You will feel good after you do it.


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