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[ # ] Brooke Elliott on the duplicity of her Drop Dead Diva role!
June 30th, 2013 under Lifetime

Tonight at 9p on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva New Jane aka Deb in Jane’s old body meets Dead Jane in someone else’s body. Sounds confusing, well imagine if you are the actress playing the woman whose soul is now in someone else’s body.
I was recently on a conference call with Brooke Elliott and she talked about just that. She said, “You know, it’s funny. When I’m Deb, Deb in Jane’s body, which is the Jane everyone knows, and hopefully loves.” Then she added, “It’s actually the funniest part of the show for me. The most fun is that I get to be Deb, but I get to figure out when Jane’s qualities are influencing here, which is a lot of fun.”
She also has to go internal to figure out how to portray her character(s) as she explained to us, “So, I always come from Deb’s perspective because it’s Deb’s soul in Jane’s body, but a lot of times Jane’s brain kind of affects her and makes her decisions possibly different than what she would normally have decided, and that’s a lot of fun for me.”
Now tonight she has to play a different role on the inside, but still have the same body on the outside. She enjoyed that cause she told us, “When I got to play old Jane, that was a lot of fun and it was a huge challenge, because I don’t know old Jane as much as I know Deb because I play Deb every day.”
So how did she feel about playing this new role? She said, “And so, playing old Jane was really, really fun and very challenging to figure out who this person what, and how she’s different. And because I’m the body of both, that’s an even bigger challenge because when you just figure out just exactly how old Jane stands and behaves, and how does she gesture and where is her emotional life living, as opposed to Deb, which we’re so familiar with? You know the hair flipping and how Deb walks and all those things? So, it’s actually – one of my most favorite parts of doing this character.”
So do you have a better grasp of what Brooke Elliott went through to prepare for tonight’s episode or is still like legal jargon to you? Either way tune in to watch Brooke Elliott play Deb inside of New Jane and Dead Jane in her own Jane body tonight at 9p on Lifetime.


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