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[ # ] Brad Paisley hospitalized after a stage fall
March 7th, 2010 under Music

Brad Paisley was injured yesterday after he took a nasty fall while performing the last song at his last show in Charleston, SC. After he took the stage dive and ended his show, he was taken to the hospital and Brad Paisley Tweeted about it.

Tnx4 prayers,after my fall,I was just discharged from the hospital.Just very very bruised. Nothing broken, had a ct scan all is okay!
Here’s the fine staff and myself in the ER of M U S C hospital.

And here, consulting the doctors. They said I was a very brave boy.

Allright, whoever posts the YouTube footage of it gets a meet and greet. I have got to see it. I hit hard. And I mean freaking hard.
If ur wondering,it was the last song&last night of the tour&I was running fast on stage,tripped.really did think I broke a rib or something.
Charleston rocked though. Out with a bang for the ASN tour.literally. Bring on the H2O. Actually, the frozen stuff’s on me right now.
Man am I sore today. You guys should see the bruise.

Thankfully he is OK because that stage dive looked like it hurt. What a way to end the tour, at least he went out with a bang…literally!
BTW no word if the person’s who YouTube video I posted will get a meet and greet with him as he promised, but they should!


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