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[ # ] Boycott American Girl Doll
February 24th, 2023 under Unadmirable People

I am normally never the one who calls for boycotts, but sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. So today, I am asking all of you to boycott American Girl Dolls.

Why? They just made us feel really old. In 1982 Prince told us to party like it is 1999. And in 2023, American Girl Doll is telling us that that year is historical with the release of their latest dolls.

American Girl’s newest historical duo, Isabel and Nicki Hoffman, are our first-ever twin characters, and they’re growing up in the 1990s in Seattle, Washington. Isabel is bubbly, extroverted, and very into pop music. Nicki is thoughtful, introverted, and passionate about skateboarding. Throughout their stories, each twin learns more about who she is as an individual, with Nicki beginning to express herself with zines (homemade magazines) and song lyrics, and Isabel focusing her passion for party planning and interior decorating. As Nicki and Isabel thrive individually, they also have to learn how to get along and support one another, culminating in a very twin-tastic response to celebrating the millennium.

I get that 1999 was 24 years ago, but is it long enough ago that it can be deemed historic? If so, Shady Pines! Yeah, that reference didn’t help my case.

If this didn’t make you reach for the prune juice and BenGay, wait until you see the computer desk they sell with the twins. To see it, then

I’m not crying. You are crying.


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