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[ # ] Bones ends its season with a bang
May 19th, 2014 under Bones

The season finale of Bones air tonight at 8p on Fox and you don’t want to miss what might be the best episode of the show’s run.
Booth gets a phone call from an unknown source that he has more information on the Ghost Killer aka the McNamaras, and the guy asks to meet him at a certain place. When Booth gets there, the place has been engulfed in flames and his source blew up in the fire. Now the squints have to figure out how he died, but first they have to put him back together.
Besides dealing with this case, Booth has to deal with the Congressional hearing that is looking to appoint him as the head of the Berlin office of the FBI. But when he biggest cheerleader turns on him, he knows that he is grave danger. Another phone call seals his fate, and he sends Bones away so that he can fight the men who are hired to kill him. Booth sets up his place for the biggest fight of his life and by the end of it, he will be riddled with bullets.
Will he survive? That answer will be revealed before the end credits and it sets up what is going to happen next season. Did I say too much? You will have to tune in to find out.


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