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[ # ] Bobby Campo talks about The Final Destination!!!
August 31st, 2009 under The Final Destination

Seconds before Bobby Campo snuck in to watch himself in The Final Destination at the Warner Bros premiere of the film that is out now, he talked about to me about the hit franchise and his role in the #1 movie!
When I asked him if he was a fan of the Final Destination series, he told me, “I snuck in to the first one as a wee one. So I love these movies. They’re great. They take your everyday fears and they put them right in front of you, in your lap.” He sure isn’t kidding, especially in this one because it was done in 3D and that really adds to the feel of the movie.
Campo plays Nick O’Bannon, the person in this Final Destination who gets the premonition before the mass deadly accident and saves his friends and a few other people before the killer crash at the race track takes place. Well he saves them for a short time anyways because as we know death doesn’t like when anyone messes with his plans.
I think that Campo is the best one in the role since Devon Sawa got the vision in first one. In this movie like the last 3, not only is he trying to save his friends, but he also trying to save a bunch of strangers who are all ahead of him on death’s list. Will he be able to break the chain and save himself or will he succumb to death’s plan? You are just going to have to see the movie to find out. Plus you are going to want to see the escalator death scene he was talking about, because it is one of the many awesome kills in the movie. And in this one not all deaths are as they seem…
BTW you really have to listen to the interview above because he is accent is so endearing!


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