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[ # ] Blue Bloods kisses Jennifer Esposito goodbye!
January 6th, 2013 under CBS

Back in October it was announced that Jennifer Esposito was put on medical leave from Blue Bloods because she suffers from Celiac Disease. Depending on who told the story CBS or the actress, you got two different stories about her leave. The actress went on several talk shows and took to Twitter and her blog saying she was unfairly pulled from the show. She added that the network wasn’t letting her find any other work even though she wasn’t working on the show and not getting paid. Well looks like she is free to find work because TV Line is reporting that she was let go from the show permanently.
As a fan of the family cop drama, I have to say I will not miss her. Now if only she could take that guy who plays the younger brother with her. Although he is barely on anyways.


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