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[ # ] Blood Born will scare the baby out of you
July 19th, 2021 under Movies

Blood Born is the story of a couple who dreams of having a baby, but so far they have not been able to do it. They will do anything to expand their family, but at what cost.

Makayla (Rosie Moss) and Eric (Antoine Perry) have been trying for years to have a baby, but so far, they have been unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the last time she was pregnant, the baby was born as a stillborn in their house. That moment traumatized the couple.

Makayla has pretty much given up on having a baby until her best friend tells her about her cousin. Her cousin, who had a hysterectomy due to cancer, was able to give birth to a healthy baby. How? It was via the Gravida Foundation.

Makayla and Eric reach out to the foundation, and they offer to help the couple. They have a lot of strange ritualistic rules to follow, including having Ola (Melanie Haynes) stay with them until the baby is born. Thankfully, for them, that means she will only be living with them for a week. That’s right; it takes just seven days to go from conception to labor.

That should have been a warning to them, but it wasn’t. So, what happens when they go through with it? You don’t want to miss the surprise ending that no one sees coming.

Writer and Director Reed Shusterman perfectly times the suspense so that you never feel like there is a dull moment throughout the whole movie. Then, just when you think you know what is going to happen next, they go in a different direction. One that keeps you watching until the end, and that ending leaves you feeling very satisfied with how they wrapped things up.

Blood Born is available from Terror Films, and you can stream it for free on several home video sites like Tubi and YouTube. Make sure to watch it when the sun goes down because the darkness makes it even more suspenseful.


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