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April 8th, 2009 under Billy Bob Thornton

via Dlisted
Billy Bob Thornton was doing a radio interview about his “music career” with CTV radio and when the DJ mention that he was an actor he became the biggest d!ck since Joaquin Phoenix did Letterman. Actually he was a major a$$hole throughout the whole interview from beginning to end. He should be happy his crappy band is getting publicity because they are not worthy of it. If he doesn’t want to do interviews for his sh!tty band, then he should just say no. This is not like when he does movies and he contractually obligated to do press. If he doesn’t want to do it, then don’t do it. But if he wants to get the word out there about them, then he should just bite the bullet and act through them.
He really needs to get over himself. I mean seriously why would anyone would anyone want to see that band if he wasn’t in it or if they weren’t opening for Willie Nelson. Then again they wouldn’t be touring with Willie Nelson if he wasn’t in the band in the first place.
BTW did anyone know he was in band? And now that you know that he has one do you even care?


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