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[ # ] Betty White turned the big 9-9 today!
January 17th, 2021 under Betty White

Today should be a national holiday because it is American treasure Betty White’s birthday. Her 99th, to be exact.

How is she going to celebrate? She is going to feed her ducks and then feed herself hot dogs and french fries. The best part is, as she told the Associated Press, “Since I am turning 99, I can stay up as late as I want without asking permission!” You go, Golden Girl!

You know they say, “this is the best thing since sliced bread.” Since White came before that, I think we should change it “this is the best thing since Betty White.” She is a million times better than sliced bread.

Who doesn’t love her? She is the most lovable and witty woman for several generations and counting. We all want to be her or with her, depending on your preference. Well, everyone but that dick Robert Redford.

Today, let’s lift 99 Luft Balloons in her honor! And hope for at least 99 more years with the actress who will never stop working!


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