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[ # ] Before you see Conjuring 3, watch Shock Docs: The Devil Made Me Do It on Discovery+
June 11th, 2021 under DIscovery/TLC

Last week, I watched Conjuring 3, and I was bored. This week, I watched Discovery+’s Shock Doc on The Devil Made Me Do It, and I haven’t slept since.

Back in 1981, Arne Johnson killed his landlord, and he claimed “The Devil made me do it” as his defense. It seems like that is a good excuse to get away with murder. However, there might be some truth in what he said.

Months beforehand, he was living with his then-girlfriend Debbie Glatzel, her mother, and two brothers. They rented a house together, but there was a darkness to it. There was a beast that haunted and possessed Debbie’s 11-year-old brother David. Things got so bad; they moved out of the house and into Debbie’s grandmother’s home.

They thought if they moved, their living nightmare would end, but the spirit followed them. Things got so bad, the Glatzels called in paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to cast out the demon.

They tried, and they also asked a priest to perform an exorcism. Nothing seemed to work until Arne offered himself up to the Demon. After that, things returned to normal until that fateful night. That is when he says the Devil took over him and killed his landlord.

Is he telling the truth? You will be able to form your own opinion as you listen to Arne, his late wife Debbie, the late Lorraine Warren, and the cops who investigated the crime tell their side of the story. Besides hearing from the people who actually experienced it all, you will listen to audiotapes of David’s possible possession.

The movie shows us one side, the fictional one. Shock Docs shows us the factual one with the people who know the story best. Because of that, I say save your money and stream this now instead.


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