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[ # ] Ashton Kutcher is losing his hair
June 5th, 2018 under Ashton Kutcher

We think of Ashton Kutcher as a manly guy and turns out he is full of extra testosterone. According to what he told Conan O’Brien that is causing the hunky actor to go bald prematurely. That is right, his hairline is receding.

What is he going to do about it? Is he going to do a Donald Trump combover, a hair again/off again like John Travolta or just go completely bald like The Rock? None of the above. He is going to do a Ron Howard and wear a baseball cap when it happens.

But that does not mean he is letting it go gracefully. Up until he and Mila Kunis decided to have kids about three years ago, he was trying to keep his hair in his head with Finasteride. He did not know how that medicine would affect his little boys, so he went off the meds. And off went some of his brown locks. I wonder if he looked in the mirror and said, “Dude, where’s my hair?”

Anyways, I think he will still be the guy we fell in love with in the ’70s with or without hair. What do you think?



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