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[ # ] Ashlee Simpson blogs about her sister’s weight
January 27th, 2009 under Fall Out Boy/ Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson

(photo from WireImage)
Ashlee Simpson took the net to blog about the media and blog coverage about her sister's weight and I have to agree with her. You look at Lindsay Lohan who is painfully thin and hard to look at and when Jessica Simpson puts on a few (yes more than few) pounds we all say she is fat and make a huge deal about it. So far she has said she comfortable with her new size, but others stars have become anorexic because of stuff like that. I know I am just as much at fault, but I would rather see a celeb with some meat on their bones than one that is just skin and bones. So tomorrow when I bash someone for putting on weight, you can give me crap about it!!!

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