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[ # ] As if we needed another singing competition show?
July 3rd, 2017 under Fox

We have The Voice on NBC, ABC stole American Idol from Fox and now Fox reportedly wants back in the singing competition business.

According to Variety, they are working with Armoza Formats to bring yet another show with people vying to be instant Rock Stars. The trade described the show as, “one in which the show’s four finalists are selected in the premiere episode. New contestants then challenge the finalists each week to steal one of the four slots. The winner is named in the season finale.”

I just cannot care. I am so over all of these singing shows that are the same thing but with different faces. The contestants sing, the judges try to be funny and then a winner is chosen only to never be heard from again. We do not need another program of this type. I hate to say this, but I am also learning from ABC’s retro lineup that not everything old is new again nor should it be. Therefore, I do not know what the solution is, but I do not think a singing and/or dancing competition is the answer.

Do you think it is time for the fat lady to sing or should she keep belting it out?


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