Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Arashi’s song Party Starters is the happiest song of 2020!
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[ # ] Arashi’s song Party Starters is the happiest song of 2020!
November 23rd, 2020 under Music

Let’s be honest with one another, 2020 has been depressing. Because of that, most of the music has trended that way too. However, we are not closing out the year that way, thanks to Arashi. The J-pop band’s latest single, Party Starters is so happy; it will make you want to get the party started.

Don’t believe, press play, then try not to jump out of your seat and dance to the tune. My cat is like, if you play that video one more time, I am going to kill you in your sleep. That is because I pick her up and make her dance with me every time. I mean, who else do we have to dance with in 2020 thanks to COVID-19.

Sadly, for my cat, I can play the single as loud and as many times as I want because it was my neighbors who told me about the record. What are they going to do, complain about me to the landlord? I will be like, but they are the ones who started the party!

So get your own party started with this ditty!

Seriously, let’s get this track trending wherever we can. I want to see y’all dance to it on TikTok. I am so over Jason Derulo’s Savage Love, Capone’s Oh No, and Black Eyed Pea’s Where Is the Love? This happy jam is screaming for people to let loose to it.


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