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June 14th, 2007 under Angelina Jolie, Brangelina

Angelina Jolie put a lot of restrictions on the press who wanted to cover her premiere last night and a lot of them said no way Jolie according to Fox 411. Here is some of the stuff she did. 

Reporters were asked to agree to "not ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships. In the event Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave."

The agreement also required that "the interview may only be used to promote the Picture. In no event may Interviewer or Media Outlet be entitled to run all or any portion of the interview in connection with any other story. … The interview will not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie."

If that wasn't enough, Jolie also requires that if any of these things happen, "the tape of the interview will not be released to Interviewer." Such a violation, the signatory thus agrees, would "cause Jolie irreparable harm" and make it possible for her to sue the interviewer and seek a restraining order.

While it not uncommon that reporters are asked not ask certain questions and ask them to only promote the movie only, but I have never heard where they threaten to sue and seek a restraining orders. I heard that that did not go over very well the print media, who left instead of signing the agreement. I also heard that TV media stayed, but most did not sign. What is she hiding that she felt the need to put such heavy restrictions on the press. 

She also banned Fox News and all the Fox affiliates:

That's not all: Jolie told Paramount Pictures publicists to ban FOX News Channel and all FOX News affiliates from covering the "Mighty Heart" premiere on the red carpet. It was only with the intervention of mortified Paramount staff that an FNC camera crew was allowed to be present.

Apparently, no one told Jolie of the highly positive review FOX News had given "A Mighty Heart" from Cannes.

I can understand fine you don't want an outlet there, but banning the Fox affiliates is one the dumbest things she could have done to get back at Fox News. You see what she doesn't realize in most markets Fox affils are the ones that spend the most time on Entertainment news and have more viewers that the Entertainment Shows and Cable Network News channels. So why banish the local markets when you want the locals to go especially when they are the Fox affils I mean look at the affils in your area and tell me who does the  most entertainment? In Miami it is WSVN, in Atlanta it is WAGA, in Tampa WTVT, in LA KTTV and so on… Don't forget it is the little people that go to movies, so don't alienate them.  Plus why alienate the press when you are doing what you are paid for because if you don't do what they want now they are not going to cover every child you adopt or UN meeting you go to. I am over her for this. 

Now I am going to explain to you why I will not do anything on A Mighty Heart after this. Although I have not and will not see the movie, I would assume that movie does not deal with her life post-post the death of her husband. I find it ironic that Angelina Jolie was so strict with the press because Mariane Pearl got very friendly with the press after her husband was murdered. In fact it is rumored (Washington Post) that she got so friendly with a former head of CNN that he left his wife and children for her. Do you think the movie mentions that? 

Photo from INF – BTW doesn't it look like someone from Fox News Channel was able to go to premiere? I mean is it just me or does that look like Geraldo behind her? 


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