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[ # ] Anderson Cooper gets Flowbeed
March 26th, 2013 under Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper has learned about a lot of things on his talk show and now he’s been educated about a little thing called Flowbee. For some reason he missed out on one of the first big infomercial items and now he is getting to see the haircut on a vacuum cleaner in action. In fact he was even willing to try it out on himself, but it didn’t work out because his hair was too short for that setting. Once he was done he gave it to that co-host and she said she could use it to wax herself down there. After she grossed out the CNN host she tried to shave his chest with it. He was so scared that if he could’ve gotten out of his chair he would’ve. He’s probably going to have nightmares all night about the Flowbee trying to kill him or even scarier shaving off all of his hair.
BTW who knew that they still made Flowbess or that anyone actually used one.


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