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[ # ] And the Michael Jackson sightings have begun…
June 30th, 2009 under Michael Jackson

Just like when his former-father-in-law Elvis Presley died almost 32 years ago, people are now claiming that they have seen Michael Jackson alive and well according to The Sun. It was inevitable that The King of Pop would have the same effect as The King by leaving us too soon and that their fans would still see them even though they are gone. Unlike when Elvis died we are now living in the computer age, so you have sites like Michael Jackson Sighting posting the above picture that they claim was taken on June 25th. And then there are sites like Michael Jackson Death Hoax with all these theories that he faked his death. One site says he is in Eastern Europe while another says he was seen heading down to Mexico. I just love all these conspiracy theories. Let’s be real if Michael Jackson was really still alive, I don’t think the most popular man in the world with that face could be in hiding for long. But hey whatever gets his fan through this. I just can’t wait for all the tabs like The Globe to start publishing MJ sightings. Does anyone remember the last time we saw Elvis? Maybe they are hanging together after all Michael Jackson was married to his daughter Lisa Marie Presley for a while?



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