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[ # ] Amy Winehouse in and out of hospital already
July 1st, 2008 under Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse checked herself back in to hospital after her Glastonbury appearance, but barely 24 hours later she wanted out again according to The Sun.

The pal said: “Sunday was like she was on a terrible comedown from the whole thing. She kicked off and threw all her toys out the pram.

“She told Mitch, ‘I’m climbing the walls in here. I need to get out’. She said if he didn’t help her get out she’d walk out.

“He realised he had to let her leave, otherwise he’d have no control over where she goes and what she gets up to.” 

The pal added: “He’s with her and keeping and eye on her, but he’s beside himself.

“Everyone is gutted as she’d been doing so well and hasn’t touched any drugs for two weeks. But now she’s out we fear it will all go downhill.”

How many more nights like this can she take? Sadly I don't think that many more.
BTW I could not understand why her management and her family let her out the first time to perform, but also according to the paper.
The pal added: “Doctors said we should let her do the shows because performing is what she lives for. We can’t take that away.
WTF? Have her perform to sick children in the hospital, don't let her out to a festival full of drugs. Her dad needs to get her to The Betty Ford Clinic where they won't take her crap and get her the help she so desperately needs. 

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