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November 29th, 2017 under American Housewife

I don’t know about you, but whenever any show or movie mentions my hometown, I get excited. Granted it is also why I cannot watch Riverdale because they tainted my hometown’s name. And that is exactly how the people of Norwalk feel about American Housewife.

In fact, State Representative Fred Wilms, wrote the head of ABC Entertainment a letter and said, “It saddens me that your program, ‘American Housewife’, pejoratively references students in my hometown of Norwalk, Connecticut. I am a longtime resident of Norwalk and both of my children attended Norwalk public schools. Additionally I am privileged to represent Norwalk in the Connecticut General Assembly. I respectfully request that your show stop making demeaning remarks about Norwalk.”

And with that Dedrich Bader, the show’s star responded to a fan who asked him about it on Twitter and said, “We are officially expunging Norwalk jokes from our repertoire.” Which is sad because I am sure there are a lot of Norwalkers who liked hearing their city mentioned on TV. Just like every time I hear Law & Order: SVU or Blue Bloods mention Riverdale. I don’t care that they say that a murder or heinous crime happened there, I just like hearing Riverdale being uttered from their lips.

In others words, Wilms get over it! It was rival towns do.


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