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[ # ] American Housewife is a Little Shop of Horrors, Kids Are Alright gets drafted
February 5th, 2019 under ABC, Katy Mixon

American Housewife moves to its new night and time tonight at 8p on ABC, and it is an episode to sing about. It is not the only one because the sitcom is getting two more musical episodes this season. On March 19th, Taylor’s (Meg Donnelly) wants to audtion for American Idol, but her parents, Katie (Katy Mixon) and Greg (Diedrich Bader), do not want her to do it. How will they convince her not to fly out to LA. Then on May 21st, Katie decides to leave the family to fend for themselves. The season finale will feature four original songs written by Justin Paul (The Greatest Showman and Glenn Slater (Tangled, Galavant) as well as choreography from Ashley Wallen (La La Land, The Greatest Showman).

Those episodes are still a ways away, let’s talk about tonight. Katie likes to do things her way, and Greg likes to do taxes his way. When she goes to a tax guy to do their taxes, Greg seeks revenge on his wife. If you are new to the show, that is going to be a huge mistake for him. How will she prove to him how big of a mistake he made? Pray for Greg is all I will say.

Here is where the musical part comes in to play tonight. Taylor gets the lead in Little Shop of Horrors tonight and Pierce (Milo Manheim) is the Seymour to her Audrey. He has been doing everything he can to get her to be his including rigging how she got the lead. When her ex-boyfriend Trip (Peyton Meyer) tries to warn her what he has done, she doesn’t believe him. Will he be able to get through to her before it is too late?

I am happy that ABC has enough faith in American Housewife to have it lead off a night. It is a sweet show that more people should be watching. Therefore, watch it.

Then at 8:30p, The Kids Are Alright tackles something many parents went through from 1969-1972. They would tune into to see if their son was going to be drafted to go to Vietnam via the lottery.

The Clearys’ oldest son, Lawrence (Sam Straley) dropped out of the seminary and that means his deferment no longer works. He gets a letter telling him that he has been drafted and must report in two weeks. Just as he tells his family the news, Eddie’s (Caleb Foote) birthday comes up in the lottery. That means when he turns 18 in a few months, he will have to enlist.

Their parents act differently to the news. Their dad (Michael Cudlitz) is a WWII vet and he is proud his sons will be going to war and make them men. While their mom (Mary McCormack) will do everything in her power to make sure they never leave for Vietnam. Lawrence is ready to go to Canada to avoid going. However, Eddie wants to make his dad proud by serving.

Will they be going to Vietnam or will they get out of the draft? This is an emotional episode that should make every man born after 1972 be grateful, they never had to worry about being drafted. It is also important to watch before you tune into the State of the Union (don’t watch). It reminds us how far our government will go so boys in power can use people as their own personal GI Joes. This is a reminder that we should never get back to a point where people are forced to fight a war they don’t want to fight. Something two of our Presidents should know all too well because they did all they could to not go to Vietnam. They were sucessful, but many were not.


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