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[ # ] Against the Wall in an Internal Affair for your Sunday nights!
July 31st, 2011 under Lifetime

Abby Kowalski just got promoted to be a Detective after 4 years of being a Patrol Cop. You would think that her family would be happy for her, but you will see tonight at 9p on Lifetime she is Against the Wall. Her father and three brothers are Patrol Cops and Abby just became an Internal Affairs Detective because it was the only opening as a detective. Patrol Cops hate IA and Abby’s family is no different. She is going to have to win them over as she investigates their friends and colleagues. Will she be able to do it or will her booty call be the only loving she will be getting?
Luckily she has her mother played by Kathy Baker on her side and she is trying to get her husband played by Treat Williams to be proud of their daughter. But that task won’t be an easy one for the two women in the Kowalski family.
Abby is played Rachael Carpani and she reminds me of a young Meg Ryan. Watch the show tonight and every Sunday at 10p and tell me you don’t agree. And also how much you like the latest Lifetime drama.


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