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[ # ] Adam Sandler gave himself a black eye
June 6th, 2022 under Adam Sandler, Michael Strahan

Adam Sandler was on Good Morning America today, and he had a black eye. Before the anchors could start interviewing him about his Netflix movie Hustle which starts streaming on Wednesday, they had to know what happened to him.

In typical Sandler fashion, there is a funny story behind it. The comedian explained that he was sleeping in bed, and the sheets were tucked in too tight. So, he decided to kick the sheets to loosen them up. However, he forgot that his phone was in the middle of the bed. Therefore, when he kicked up the sheet, it caused the phone to go flying and hit him right below his eye. Even though he felt there was blood on his face, he was too tired to do anything about it at that moment.

Sandler doesn’t think it looks cool, but the people on the streets of NYC think it gives him street cred. As a NYer, he is right. It does! That’s how we roll in the City.

Talking about black eyes, Michael Strahan better hope LeBron James doesn’t give him one after this interview. Why? When Sandler told the former football player that he has a similar build as the basketball player and James could’ve played with the pigskin too, the GMA host responded with “No!” And then he added, “But I could’ve played basketball.” Strahan, those are some fighting words, and my money would be on LeBron.


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