Seriously? OMG! WTF?ABC rights a wrong and picks up the '90something Goldbergs' spinoff - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] ABC rights a wrong and picks up the ’90something Goldbergs’ spinoff
April 16th, 2018 under The Goldbergs

Last year, ABC ordered a spinoff from The Goldbergs set a decade later aka the ’90s, but they mistakenly did not pick it up. The three new, non-revival, sitcoms they did pick up did not or are not doing that well in the ratings. Which probably is one of the reasons why they realized that they made a mistake. Therefore, they announced today that the spinoff will be on the lineup in the fall.

That and back in January, when they aired the pilot, it did better in the ratings than most of their other sitcoms on ABC. Plus, they should know they have a goldmine with Adam F Goldberg. He creates the shows that families can watch together and there are not that many shows you can say that about these days.

So what is the spinoff going to be about? Tim Meadows will continue on as Principal Glascott of William Penn Academy and Coach Mellor (Bryan Callen) will still be coaching but without any Goldbergs as students. I will miss him on the mothership, but I like that we will be getting more time with the gym coach we all had when we were growing. There is one addition to the show next season and that is Lainey Lewis (AJ Michalka) is joining the show as a teacher. Which makes me think that she and Barry will not be getting together.

As of now, the sitcom does not have a name or a timeslot, but I am assuming it will air after The Goldbergs. At least if they are smart, and they gained some IQ points by finally picking up the show.

I love underdog stories, especially when they happen to good people like Adam F Goldberg. You know his sMother is kvelling so hard right now as she should be! Mazel tov!

UPDATE: Here is what Adam F Goldberg wrote about it getting picked up, “Beyond thrilled that I get to write about my teachers in 1990something and that the amazing Lainey @alyandaj will be at the center in the new version. This happened cause the @goldnerds kept bringing this up to ABC for the last 2 years! So THANK YOU all for the undying support!” Proving fans do have a voice and the networks should listen to us.


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