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[ # ] Abby Lee Miller might be paralyzed from a spinal infection
April 18th, 2018 under Dance Moms

Abby Lee Miller has been taken to the hospital twice since she got out of prison and moved to a halfway house late last month; and the second time proved to be almost fatal for her.

According to People, she was diagnosed with a rare spinal infection that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors were perplexed why she lost sensation from the neck down, so they did a CT. It was then that they saw she had an infection that started at her neck and went down her spine. A very rare condition according to Dr. Hooman M. Melamed, her doctor at the hospital.

Once they knew what was going on, they rushed her into a surgery. People says, “The almost five-hour surgery required an 18-inch incision on her back as Melamed had to remove the back part of several vertebrae to back to relieve pressure her spinal cord.”

Since the surgery, she has started to regain feeling in her body, which is a good sign. When it comes to if she will ever walk again, her doctor told the magazine it depends on how she recovers.

Right now, she in the ICU and they are hoping to transfer her to a rehab facility by the end of the week. That is if she does not require another surgery. If all goes well, then she will get physical therapy in rehab and hopefully, she will be back to her old self.

No matter how you feel about the dance teacher turned reality star, please take a moment to pray for her. She is going to need all the prayers she can get so that she can walk again.


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