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[ # ] A woman gave birth to NINE babies
May 5th, 2021 under Babies

The News Digest

Halima Cisse was expecting to have seven babies, but yesterday she gave birth to NINE of them via cesarian in Morocco. Not 1. Not 2. Not 3. Not 4. Not 5. Not 6. Not 7. Not 8. But 9 babies.

She is the first woman to successfully give birth to nonuplets and have all of them live past six hours of their birth. So far, the five girls and four boys are doing well.

Back in March, doctors in Mali felt that the 25-year-old mom needed a specialist to deliver her seven babies, so they flew her to Morocco. According to The News Digest, doctors in both countries only saw seven fetuses in the ultrasound, so they were surprised when two more came out yesterday. However, I am sure not as surprised as Cisse. Septuplets were already enough to fathom; can you imagine adding two more into the mix. She is going to need a bigger house with more bathrooms. Gd bless her.

As soon as I saw this story, I took two birth control pills and inserted a diaphragm in me because there is no way I can even think of getting pregnant after hearing this.

On that note, I wonder how Nadya Suleman is handling the news now that she no longer holds the title of giving birth to the most babies at one time that survived. In 2009, she added octuplets to her family that included six other children. OK, I just took a third pill and inserted a female condom in me.


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