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[ # ] A Very Murray Christmas will put you in a very Murray mood!!!
December 4th, 2015 under Bill Murray, Netflix

A Very Murray Christmas is the holiday special you have been waiting for your whole life, you just didn’t know it until now. Thankfully, Netflix made it a reality and we can watch it every Christmas from now on.
The premise of the special is that Bill Murray is going to do a live Christmas show, but there is a really bad snow storm in NYC and no one is able to show up. Now he has to do show with no celebrities and he doesn’t want to do it with them. Luckily, he runs into Chris Rock and gets him to appear on the show even though he doesn’t want to do it either. Thankfully for both of them, the power goes out on the whole Eastern Seaboard and the show is cancelled.
But wait, does A Very Murray Christmas end there? No, since he is trapped in the hotel, he is going to explore it. Along the way, he will meet several of the employees, tourists and people having an event at The Carlyle Hotel. As he comes across them, they will sing Christmas Carols together and cheer will come to all with each song. It will be a Very Murray Christmas for all especially for Bill who gets so drunk he has a fantasy that includes Miley Cyrus and George Clooney because we all fantasize about them.
The cheerful special is directed by Sofia Coppola and stars Paul Shaffer, Amy Poehler, Julie White, Michael Cera, David Johansen, Maya Rudolph, Jason Schwartzman, Jenny Lewis and Rashida Jones. Almost all of them angelic voice that will bring a whole new enjoyment to several of those Christmas songs we have been singing our wholes live.
A Very Murray Christmas is not for kids, but us adults get to enjoy a Christmas special that is our own. We need more of them!


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