Seriously? OMG! WTF?A real life marriage proposal on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] A real life marriage proposal on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
December 4th, 2009 under Craig Ferguson, Marriage Proposals

So last night on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, he started off the show with something that has never happened before in the show’s nearly 1,000 episode history…a real life marriage proposal! Steve and Courtenay were visiting from Canada and they went to see Craig do his magic, and Steve decided that is where he was going to ask his girlfriend to marry him and she said yes! So touching, and I just loved how Craig just shooed them off after she became his fiancee.
So how did this couple have the oppurtunity to become engaged on national television, on a nation that isn’t theirs? Well according to amazing publicist who works on the show, here is how it all went down!

Steve and Courtenay are visiting from Winsor, Ontario. The ring went off in the metal detector coming into the building so security found out right away. Luckily she did not see it. When they were seated in the audience, he got up and told the audience coordinator on the sly, who in turn told the producers. The producers pulled Steve out minutes before the show and introduced him to Craig Ferguson. Steve was hoping to propose during a commercial break or sometime before they left the building but Craig said I’m coming to you at the start of the show.
Then calling her mom was something Craig brainstormed during the taping. The entire event was on the fly and orchestrated in minutes. It was pretty exciting!

It really was! Only one late night host could do what he did and make it work as lovely as it did and that is Craig Fergsuon. I know it left me in tears and had me hitting the :10 playback to watch him tell her, “I love your guts. Will you marry me?” How could she say no to that? BTW no word if Craig was invited to the wedding, but seriously an invite to the nuptials is the least they can do! After all he did let them get to that next stage on his show and he allowed her to tell her mom during the e-mail segment and not wait until the show was done taping.
Seriously what a great moment to witness! They say anything can happen in late night and last night something magical happened on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. On that note next week is Magic Week on the CBS show, so check it out next Monday to Friday at !2:35a!!!! And the following week on December 15th it is a big episode for him, it is his 1,000th one and in honor of his fans are doing a Tweet-a-Thon, so on that day please Tweet #CraigFerguson as many times as possible so we make it the day’s top Trending topic. We should be over Tiger Woods by then, right???


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