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[ # ] A prisoner whose had an erection for 5 days is sent to the ER
March 5th, 2016 under Sex Sent Me to the ER
Tonight at 10p on Sex Sent Me to the ER, a woman finds out that sex toys for men are not meant to be used in women. A couple decide to try a vibrating ring, but she puts it in her and not on him. The ring gets stuck and the vibrating won’t shut off. Now she has to go to an important dinner with her husband with her hoohah vibrating. How do you keep that a secret? When she can’t control herself, the other couple insist that they go to ER. Will her husband lose his promotion when they find out the real why she is “sick” or will they hire him? Let’s just say it is a dinner never forget.
Next up a prisoner shows up to the ER with an erection that he has had for five days. He was hoping it would go away when he had conjugal visit with his wife, but it doesn’t. The doctors are stumped, until they find out the cause. Once they do, he has to decide if he wants surgery to fix it but that could lead to erectile dysfunction or remain a little hard for the rest of his life. What will he do?
Finally, a couple take a romantic painting class and that makes them want to have sex. So they decide to take their love into a closet. But when he injures himself, they are off to ER. Will they be caught by the art teacher or will they get away with it?
Tonight’s Sex Sent Me to the ER teaches not all sex toys are his and hers and those commercials mean it when they you should contact your doctor if you have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours.


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