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[ # ] A movie theater is handing out barf bags to its patrons
March 23rd, 2017 under Movies

My dad raised me on Horror movies like Snuff, so there is very little I can see on the big screen that will make me sick. While that is the case for me, that is not the case for people going to see the French film Raw at the Nuart in Los Angeles. The cannibal feature has had such an effect on movie goers that The Hollywood Reporter says that several people have fainted and one even threw up. After the latter incident, the theater started to hand out custom made barf bags. No word if anyone has used them, but better safe than sorry.

Part of me is tempted to see this movie, but then the other part of me is like why? Why does a movie have to be so disgusting that people feel the need to throw up. There is a fine line, and part of me thinks we should not cross it. I have see films like the Human Centipede trilogy, the Hostels and many more, and they know when to stop. Maybe this filmmaker should have done the same.

Although, I have to say I respect that crap out of the fact that filmmaker behind this film is a woman. That’s right, the person behind the camera is Julia Ducournau. Proving that women can gross out men just as much as they can gross us out.

Do you want to see Raw or will you stick to movies like CHiPs that are so bad they make you sick that you spent money on them?


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