Seriously? OMG! WTF? » A man leaves the ER with a shorter pen!s on Sex Sent Me to ER!
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[ # ] A man leaves the ER with a shorter pen!s on Sex Sent Me to ER!
January 16th, 2016 under Sex Sent Me to the ER

Many of us are as happy as pigs in mud when we have sex, but a couple finds out on tonight’s Sex Sent Me to the ER at 10p on TLC that having sex in the mud is a really bad idea. The day after they do it outdoors while mudding, they are sicker than dogs and don’t know what is wrong. They are rushed to the hospital, but doctors aren’t sure what is ailing them because the lovers don’t tell them everything happened. Will they come clean or will they just keep feeling dirty?
Another couple comes into the ER because the woman passed out after having sex in a hot tub. A doctor diagnoses her with an orgasm that is so orgasmic it caused her to pass out. When she secretly tells the doctor that her man has never given an orgasm, they are perplexed to how she got the pulmonary embolism. Now the doctors have to find the source of her air bubble and put a band-aid on her boyfriend’s ego.
Finally a couple have such amazing sex that the man fractured his pen!s. He broke it in such a bad way that it requires surgery. When he comes out, he is shorter than he was when he went into his girlfriend and operating room. Why did the doctors have to take away from his length? You will just have to watch for a lesson that all men must see so it doesn’t happen to them.
The whole episode is a must watch, so watch it or some day you will regret missing the important lesson that could’ve prevented you from going to the ER after sex!


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