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[ # ] A lady takes over Gd Friended Me, Madam Secretary becomes President
October 6th, 2019 under CBS, Gd Friended Me
Last week on Gd Friended Me, Gd friended Joy. However, when the episode ended, Gd sent Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) a message telling him to find the lady. Who is that lady? Tonight at 8p (or after football and 60 Minutes), they will try to find out that answer in two different countries.

Before Miles can look into that, Joy (Jessica Lu) gets a new person that needs their help. A self-help speaker who is hiding a secret that is about to come back and haunt him. Joy and Miles have different ways of approaching the situation and it is going to make things worse. Will they be able to work together or will they destroy the lives they are trying to fix?

Miles does not only have to help a stranger, but he also has to help his sister and his father. Arthur (Joe Morton) has been keeping a secret from Ali (Javicia Leslie) to protect her. Turns out she knew along but never told her dad she knew. The secret was so devastating to her, it caused her to leave the church. Something that is hard for her dad to handle. Will Miles be able to bring them back together?

Talking about getting back together, Cara (Violett Beane) is trying to get Simon Hayes (Adam Goldberg) back together with her friend Annie (Susan Misner). The two had a falling out and he ruined her career. Even though Annie hates Simon, she is willing to work with him to help Cara solve the lady clue. They get some help to where the lady might be when they get some tips from where Gd sent her a Facebook message five years ago telling her Cara’s mom is in NY. What will the three of them find together?

Tune in for another touching episode of the drama. I wish there were more shows like this one on television these days. We need more wholesome shows on the boob tube and less violent ones.
Then at 10p, Madam Secretary is back for its final season. Or should we call it Madam President since Bess (Téa Leoni) is now the President of the United States?

The episode goes back in forth in time showing us what she had to do to get the job, getting the job and everything that goes along with it. A lot of what happens feels a lot like we have been going through for the last several years with Trump. Bess’ opponent is a lot like Trump. However, unlike the man in the White House, a scandal brings him down. A scandal that will come back to haunt her.

Being President is not easy, but she has good people helping her out. Although someone does not want their job and will remind her every chance they get.

How will life Bess’ life change now that she is Commander-in-Chief? We will have to tune in every week to find out.


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