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[ # ] Eva Longoria blames Posh Spice for the pregnancy rumors
March 24th, 2008 under Desperate Housewives, The Beckhams

(photo from Daily Mail)
Eva Longoria says that Victoria Beckham is the cause of all the pregnancy rumors about her last month, but it wasn't words but her jeans that did it according to WENN.

She says, "Victoria gave me a couple of pairs and I love them. They were so tight, my gut was hanging over the top before dinner.

"Then, we came out of the restaurant and I was totally bloated. And now, apparently I have a baby bump!"

In Victoria Beckham's defense the rumor wasn't only around when she was wearing her jeans, it was also there when she wore dresses. I guess they are BFF because Eva Longoria found a way to plug Victoria's jeans dVb by blaming them for the pregnancy rumors. 


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