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[ # ] Are Scorpion and Criminal Minds in trouble?
January 11th, 2018 under CBS

Scorpion and Criminal Minds have both taken a huge hit in the ratings this season on CBS, and now both shows will be ending their seasons in April instead of May. The eye network announced today that on April 30th, Elementary will take over Scorpion’s slot and that Wednesday, Code Back takes over for Criminal Minds. What that means for future of those two shows that have occupied those slots all season long, we will find out in May. I hope they do not cancel the procedural with geniuses because I am still enjoying it.

You see, it used to be and still sometimes mean, that if a show does not end its season May, it is a goner for the Fall. Ghost Whisperer was one the first shows that kept getting picked up even though it barely ever made it to May sweeps.



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