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[ # ] Shanna Moakler dishes about The CW’s Crowned with me!
January 2nd, 2008 under Interviews, The CW

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As many of you know I love love love Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants, so when I was given an opportunity to interview Shanna Moakler I was like heck yeah. Shanna Moakler was not only Miss USA 1995, she has been on two other reality shows Meet the Barkers and Dancing with the Stars 3 so she really understands what it takes to make this show a success. Plus Shanna Moakler has 3 children including 2 daughters Atiana, 8 and Alabama, 2 so she understands that mother/daughter bond. 

SOW: How did you get involved with Crowned?

SM: The producers of the show called me, Carson was already attached and I just thought how campy and fun! 

SOW:What do you think of the mothers and daughters on the show?

SM: I think some are crazy! And I can't believe how some of them talk to others….but I also met some great woman who really have a great love for one another and they made my experience really fun! 

SOW: Did their interactions between each other and the others shock you?

SM: I wasn't able 2 see what went on in the house, I only saw what they did on stage! So yes I'm shocked watching the shows now and seeing some of the woman's behavior! Inspire you? There were 3 teams that truly inspired me, they way they worked together, the love and respect they had for one another….and their personal stories.

SOW: Has this experience changed the way you interact with your daughters? 

SM: Lol, no..I try to teach my children to have a love for life, to be confident, to treat others as they would like to be treated. And that won't ever change.

SOW: Would you do a pageant with them?

SM: Oh gosh! I don't think so…my pageant days are over, but I do love them! I would support my kids 100% if they wanted to do one. 

SOW: Do you think the teams that have pageant experience had an advantage or all the teams were equal?

SM: I think the teams had a little advantage but not to much, we didn't stick to a strict pageant format, we really wanted to do challenges everyone could do and to find a "real" mother/daughter team that everyone could relate to. 

SOW: What do we have to look forward to in the upcoming episodes?

SM: Well I tell everyone, this show isn't rocket science, we aren't trying to cure cancer, its a reality show, its suppose to be fun and silly yet have crazy drama and shocking moments and this show does! We do have a huge pageant finale show and it’s really cool for the finale! 

SOW: What advice do you have for mothers who want to get their daughters into the pageants?

SM: The most beautiful woman to me, are the ones who are truly comfortable in their own skin, I've judged many pageants and not the most beautiful always wins, I find its the woman who radiates confidence. So I tell woman to be themselves and stand by their morals and values. 

SOW: How was it being the Judge and not being judged?

SM: I LOVED it, it’s something I know a lot about and I could just relax and have fun! U see me serious a lot but the judges and I had a blast and laughed the entire time… 

SOW: What do your daughters think of the show?

SM: Only my oldest has seen it and she thinks it’s silly and fun, she giggles and at the same time thinks its fun to see the teams choices…. 

SOW: Did you ask any of the Dancing with the Star Judges for advice on how to be on for this show?

SM: Lol! NO! I love those guys but they were really tough on me! I am a little tough but I still really want the teams to have a good time! I know how nervous they are….

SOW: Has Carson Kressley given you any fashion advice? 

SM: Ugh! I wish! Next time I see him I should have him help me! We never had to much time to get into advice but god I love him, he's so fun and witty…it was a blast working with him and Cynthia!

Hopefully she will be able to get advice from Carson soon if/when Crowned gets picked up for a second season!
So tune into Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants tonight and every Wednesday at 8p on The CW. It is that perfect show to get you through the cold winter months!!! As she said it is pure campy fun and then some!!! I promise you will enjoy it it has something for everyone!
Thank you so much Shanna for taking the time to answer my questions!!! And to Suzanne for setting this up!!! 


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