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[ # ] DC Comics releases Adam West’s unaired episode
June 17th, 2017 under Batman, DC Comics

NBC decided to cancel Powerless before the last three episodes could air, and that means that one of Adam West’s last appearances would never see the light of the Bat signal. Or so we thought.

DC Comics, who produced the super sitcom, released his episode online so his fans could see his gratuitousness guest starring role. As a fan of both the best Batman and Powerless, I was not disappointed. I think the people will love to see him in one of his final roles that was shot just months before he passed away. Plus, experience a show that was a perfect fit for him.

When it comes to Powerless, I am hoping that this brings an interest to the funny show that not enough people watched. Who knows, maybe people will discover it, love it like I do and some other network or streaming service will pick it up. I know I want more episodes of this ingenious program and hopefully others will too.



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