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[ # ] Ed Sheeran thinks his voice Gd is given because of his looks!
June 7th, 2017 under Ed Sheeran, James Corden

Ed Sheeran was James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke buddy yesterday and he revealed a secret talent that he can do with his mouth. That talent is putting 47 Maltesers in his mouth at one time. When The Late Late Show host asked him to prove it, the singer was able to actually hold 55 of them at once. That is a lot of Malt Balls!

While that talent won’t get him laid, his music will. He told Corden, “I was quite an unfortunate looking kid and I feel like Gd looked down on me and thought you need help getting laid mate.” I know I would sleep with him just because of his songs and his voice. It makes him oh so sexy!

What makes him sound him even sexier, is a story he told about Justin Bieber. They went to a dive bar and wound up a at a golf course. The Beebs got on the ground, put golf ball in his mouth and told the Shape of You singer to hit it. Sheeran did not want to do it, but eventually he took the driver and swung. He was hoping not hit Bieber’s face but he did. Did Justin care? Nope! Which proves they are two young blokes having more fun than we are!

Actually this ride proved that Sheeran is even more fun that we thought. Don’t you just want to be friends with him. Heck, I want to be his driver, give him his guitar and let him serenade me as I take him around town. I will also make sure to stock it up with plenty of Maltesers.



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