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[ # ] Maury Povich is no fan of David Letterman
April 20th, 2017 under David Letterman, Family Feud, Talk Shows

Maury Povich was on The Steve Harvey Show and the host wanted to know if it is true that his guest does not get along with David Letter. Not only is it the truth, he explained why.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, Povich says that the The Late Show host had a thing for his wife, Connie Chung, and would never get his first name right when she was on the show. In fact, one time when Letterman was out on a story with Chung, he saw Maury’s photo on a moving bus and was like I take this guy’s wife out and her husband rolls on by.

Not only that, whenever Povich would accompany his wife to the show and wait in the green room, the late night host would never come visit him.

How does the whose your daddy host feel about his enemy now? He is glad that he still on TV while Letterman is not and doesn’t look like his arch nemesis. Who knew he had so vicious side? I guess he learned a thing or two from his guests.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see these two guys duke it out, Daytime Talk Show style! I wonder who would win? Povich of course!


  • Volvican

    Considering I didn’t even know Maury is still on tv and he comes across like someone that can’t take a joke, well, I think
    Dave has already won this one.

  • Upside-down Flower

    Maury is like a really cheap imitation version of Jerry Springer. When his show is FINALLY CANCELLED who will care? NO ONE! Does anyone even care now? I thought that show was cancelled along time ago.

    At least Dave has talent and didn’t need to resort to exploiting obese babies, cheating lovers and other bottom of the barrel topics a million times for years.

    • wangson

      Exactly…who in the hell watches that idiot’s show anymore besides smelly, old trailer trash women with 17 kids and no clue how to properly raise any of them?

  • jrgius

    Maury should stop his crying and stick to the bs that he’s known for: “You are/are NOT the father.” Go away.

  • YouDon’tKnowMe

    David Letterman is a nasty, vile, hateful human dragging so much baggage he only sneers at life.

    • sequoiaqueneaux

      No, that’s your pig so-called “president” Donald Trump.

      • Catfish

        who is your president?


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