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[ # ] Eric Stonestreet confirms that Modern Family’s future is in ‘limbo’
April 4th, 2017 under Ellen DeGeneres, Modern Family

Eric Stonestreet is on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to talk about his new show Toy Box, but it is what he said about his old show that will have fans worried. Ellen asked him if it is true that the Modern Family cast do not have contracts for a new season and that they are in the middle of negotiations. He said, “We are right in the middle of it. And I think that everyone has a real positive attitude. And I think we’ll be, I mean that is my gut instinct, is that we are going to be coming back to do more. I think, everybody wants to do more. But is kind of a limbo time.” Then he added, “I might be needing a job.”

Even though the ABC sitcom’s ratings are down, it is still one of the top rated shows on Broadcast TV. Therefore, I would be shocked if it didn’t come back. Plus, it is in syndication and that should help. That is unless they get extremely greedy and the network balks at their requests because they are being really cheap. I am pretty sure that both sides will come to a compromise because they both need it to go on. Would you be upset if this is its last season?

As upset as Stonestreet was at Ellen for scaring him again. I love how excited she gets when she does it and more importantly how scared he gets when she finds no ways to terrify him.

What he really needs to be scared of, is me driving in our neighborhood and seeing him driving his golf cart. I would so sneak up behind him and honk my horn out of no where to see him jump. All while playing the theme from Jaws! Is that wrong?



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